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Deera Superior Micro Pellet

Deera Superior Micro Pellet

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Deera superior micro pellet fish food is ideal for all kinds of small size tropical fishes (guppies, guppy, tetras, tetra etc) and baby fishes. It includes natural colour enhancing ingredients such as astaxanthin and krill meal, which helps the fish form a natural and lively body colour. It contains stabilized vitamin C and vitamin B to reduce stress and increase disease resistance. The addition of various vitamins and minerals and active probiotic can help keep your fish's intestine healthy and minimise the fish waste and keep water clean and clear.


Feeding Guide: 2 to 3 times daily as your fish can consume within 5 minutes (remove remaining food after 20 minutes)
Ingredients: High quality fish meal, yeast flour, soybean protein, zeaxanthin, yeast flour, digestive enzyme, astaxanthin, krill meal, fish oil, amino acrid, unsaturated fatty acid, varieties of vitamins and minerals
Bottle Size: 250ml

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