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Freshwater Test Tools & Kits

Digital PH Tester Digital PH Tester
Accurately measure your fish tank water PH with our Digital PH Meter / Tester (Test Kit). The old method of manually reading colour coding is tough and time consuming. This digital reader gets a reading in just seconds!SPECIFICATIONSPrecision: 1 decimal placePower Source: Batteries (included)ATC: Au..
Salifert Water Test Kit (NH3 / NO2 / NO3 / MG / CA) Salifert Water Test Kit (NH3 / NO2 / NO3 / MG / CA)
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Salifert water test kit for your fish tank. Works for both marine (saltwater) and freshwater aquariums! Keep your fishes and reef tank safe and healthy! Available in calcium, magnesium, ammonia, ammonium, nitrate, nitrite.SPECIFICATIONS (AMMONIA NH3)Tests: Approx 50 testsIncluded: Syringe / Spoon (d..
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