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Marine Aquascaping

Guo Elephant Aquarium Instant Glue Guo Elephant Aquarium Instant Glue
This Aquarium Instant Glue allows you to easily aquascape your aquarium. It can be used in or out of the water, and works instantly. Works on corals, driftwood, plants, rocks etc. This is just the glue you will need for coral propagation too. Best of all, there's no mixing required! Just open it up ..
White Aquarium Sand (1-2mm)
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Selected from the highest quality sand, this sand is almost completely white! Start decorating your aquarium with white sand. This perfect aquascaping sand makes your fish tank look more vibrant and pretty, and it works even better when decorated with our Dragon Rocks.SPECIFICATIONSColour: WhiteSand..
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