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Chi Xu (驰续) USB Air Pump AP-602


Chi Xu (驰续) USB Air Pump AP-602


This air pump comes with a built-in battery, making it portable and convenient to be brought out. With a large capacity battery of 2200mAH, it can last up to a whooping 15 hours! If you are transporting your fishes and need a portable air pump, this is exactly what you will need.

Alternatively, if you are expecting a power outage and need a temporary air pump for your fishes, this is perfect for the purpose too!


Model: AP-602
Colour: White
Battery Capacity: 2200mAH
Running Time: Approx 15 hours
Charging Method: USB Cable
Battery Charge Indicator: Yes
Dimensions: Approx. 10cm x 7cm x 3cm(L x B x H)
In the Box: 1x Air Pump, 1x USB Charging Cable, 2x Air Tubes, 2x Air Stones