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Dog Bowls

Is your pet dog eating too fast and constantly choking on his food? Time to slow him down with a slow feed bowl. With a maze and traps in the bowl, it will prevent dogs from gobbling down the food in thirty seconds, causing indigestion. Happy hunting for your pet dog!SPECIFICATIONSDesign: MazeSize: ..
Pet Feeding Bowl (Plain)
Stainless steel pet feeding bowl for your dogs, cats, or small animals. Comes with good rubber grip, and is durable for your pet to bite.SPECIFICATIONS (Medium)Size: Approx 13cm top diameter, 4.5cm depthSPECIFICATIONS (Large)Size: Approx 16cm top diameter, 5.5cm depth..
Out for a trip with your pet, but don't wish to bring a huge bowl around for your him to drink water? This is just what you need! This portable bowl can be flatten (collapsed) when not in use. So when you are out in the park on a hot day, you can expand it and put water in for your pet to drink. Can..
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