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Small Animal Cages

3 Storey Hamster Cage
Bungalow for your hamsters? You got it! This huge mansion has 3 levels, a total heaven for your pet hamsters.SPECIFICATIONSSize: Approx 27cm x 20.5cm x 42.5cmIncluded: Water bottle, running wheel, slide, house, food bowlColour: Pink..
Alex Hamster Cage
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Alex Hamster Cage is a comfortable and fun house for your pet hamster. It comes equipped with hamster's necessity, so you can easily get started.SPECIFICATIONSDimensions: Approx 26cm x 20cm x 30cm (L x B x H - Including house rooftop)Included: Water bottle, running wheel, slide, house, food bowlColo..
Alice Rabbit Cage
Designed with the ability to unclip and remove the tray below, you are now able to easily change your rabbit's bedding without the need to remove your rabbit. This makes cleaning and maintenance of the cage a lot easier.SPECIFICATIONSSize: 50cm x 33cm x 34.9cm (L x B x H)Features: Easily removable b..
Customised Fence Customised Fence
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Build your own preferred style and design of cage for your pet. This piece by piece assembly fence can be customised to your own perfect cage for your pet dog, pet rabbit and even pet hamsters! Make it fun for your pet, build a double storey terrace or even a triple storey bungalow yourself.SPECIFIC..
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