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Yee Algaecide Yee Algaecide
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Brand: Yee
Algae growing in your aquarium is unsightly. A quick and simple solution would be to use algaecide to kill the algae. Safe and efficient, the Yee Algaecide can easily remove algae from your aquarium tank.SPECIFICATIONSSize: 500mlUsage: 10ml / 100 litres alternate days (change 1/4 water before use)WA..
Yee Nitrifying Bacteria
Brand: Yee
Help cycle your aquarium water quickly with nitrifying bacteria. It is safe, non-toxic and has no side effects to animals and humans. With millions of bacteria in a bottle, you can keep your water crystal clear and healthy for your fishes.SPECIFICATIONSSize: 500mlUsage: New tank 10ml / 100 litres, n..
Yee Safewater Yee Safewater
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Brand: Yee
Yee Safewater removes chlorine, heavy metals, pesticide, bacteria, viruses and chemicals etc from your water. It keeps pH stable as well, and is suitable for both freshwater and marine.Safewater can be used as a dechlorinator (chlorine remover, chlorine neturaliser) for your aquarium tank.SPECIFICAT..
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